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Peter Lynn scored big time with the synergy kites that are always part of our quivers. No kite is more stable or user friendly with that amazing arc durability. We are very excited for the release of the all new from ground up arc design, the Charger from PL. T
   Our friend Dimitri Maramenides  hung with us a few days with his new Eclipse kites. The Kima is getting the nod from many as THE lei wave kite of this year with amazing turning speed, great stability and fewer struts and thus weight for that extra second to save it while wave sailing toward your kite. Stability and ease of use impressed all our team riders and tester customers.  The new bar has a fantastic quick release you can reset with one hand, adjustable end attachments and a very cool grip.  Eclipse also has significantly changed the popular Thruster for a great all around, high speed through the window and huge jumping kite with the Nano for the school and freestyle set.  GK returns with our last year favorite GK Trix for wavesailing with a new bar, colors and construction. The GK V Sonic is back with new colors bar and construction. We have always promoted a healthy in diet and fitness, surf lifestyle. A healthy mind and body is what we want for all our customers.  Many of the MonkeyAir team are Medical professionals and for years we have spoken of  sharing our insights with our friends and customers. Look for info from our docs and therapists for anything from shoulder surgeries to meeting the perfect lifetime sports partner from our therapists on our MonkeyAir healthy living blog. 
     Many of us have poisoned our skin with unhealthy petroleum based skin care products and their very nasty radiator fluid like preservatives for a lifetime.  Remember how much is absorbed through the skin and then think twice about your choice of skin care.  We have created what we believe to be the best of all natural lip and skin care for our customers with the Essential Potions line and Fish Lips line of products. With sixty essential natural skin nourishing ingredients sourced from all over the planet, you will not find a better skin treatment than this 
     A smile in the surf lineup goes a long way.  We hope the HAPPYINSURF.COM  products  remind you and others why we live the happy surfing lifestyle. SMILE, if you are in the ocean, you are a very lucky person.  Remember being nine years old and paddling into that perfect wave? The smile on the old crustys, made the experience that much better. Share the happyness. It feels really good.  The sticker on the back of your car might remind the rest of the world.

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