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Monkey Air Kitesurfing Lesson Plan
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Course 1: Kiting Basics A new kite student will learn the basics of kiting with an emphasis on safety. This is a two hour course for beginners with the objective of teaching basics of wind dynamics, power zones and the wind window. A system for launching a kite and the basics of flying a kite. Different types of kites, nomenclature, etc. At the end of the two hour session, the student will have flown a trainer kite on the beach, and if skills and conditions permit, a small traction kite. The student will gain confidence for the next course. If the student shows sufficient aptitude and has spent sufficient time with the instructor on a small traction kite at this time, we allow him/her to purchase equipment from us to practice in very light winds and master skills prior to the next lesson. No heavy wind usage is allowed and a board will not be sold to a student at this time. We practice the right to deny the sale of equipment if we believe it will be used in a dangerous or irresponsible manner, The dangers of using a power kite on land or water in high winds are emphasized throughout the course as are the rules of our beaches regarding cohabitation of kiters, the general public, and other water users.
Course 2: Kiting Intermediate After the student understands the basics, our instructors will teach intermediate kiting skills on the beach. Our instructors will repeat the first hour of the previous course. We feel that repetition is the key to a new student’s safety and the safety of others. The more hours spent with a kite in the air, the quicker the progress in the water. This two hour intermediate class is focused on controlled beach dragging while powering the kite through the power zone safely. Splitting the wind window as though working towards the shore or out to sea as well as mock water starts will be mastered. The student must be very comfortable with these skills prior to adding water and surf variables. We often get new students who have had classes elsewhere and were just tossed into the water. These students inevitably have no kite flying skills, understanding of why they are flying the kite where they are, or how to launch, land, or set up a kite. We also NEVER fly a large traction kite in heavy winds on the beach. It is key that the student understand the dynamics of the kite and feels confident flying a kite in light winds using the apparent wind of the kite to generate power, before getting in the water.
Course 3: Introduction to Water Body dragging without a board introduces the student to the dynamics of the aquatic environment with a power kite. Learning to travel through the water while using the body as a rudder and pointing up wind is stressed. Student starts, stops, and body drags to simulate putting a board on their feet while maintaining a stable position in the water. A board may be introduced at this point if the student is comfortable putting the board on and off with a kite overhead while sliding through the water and not getting up, keeping the board directly in front by applying heal pressure and balanced power strokes from the kite.
Course 4: Advanced Water with/Board Kiting skills are reviewed from previous lessons for one hour. Depending on the wind and the student’s skill, the student will have their first board riding experiences. The body positioning and the dynamics of railing the board is emphasized during this course. Students will often find gaps in their kite flying skills as this is where all of the elements learned during the previous courses are brought together. Our experienced instructors will transfer their knowledge to you so your boarding experience is fun and safe


No refunds and there is a $135 payment If a course is cancelled by the instructor on site due to wind or weather conditions as determined by the instructor, Monkey Air will reimburse the student for one hour or apply the hour to the next course. Our instructors have the final “word” in your advancement. They will not risk your safety or the safety of others if they do not feel that you are ready for the next course.

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