Kitesurfing Lessons and Kiteboarding Lessons in Los Angeles and Ventura California

We have taught hundreds of private kitesurfing lessons, focusing on safety and compatibility with other people on the beach and in, on or above the water (which is where you will end up eventually). The MonkeyAir Team has tested all types of gear from the start of the sport and use what we believe to be the most stable, user friendly and safest equipment for our lessons.

Lessons are taught on trainer kites and small traction kites on beaches in Los Angeles and Ventura California. We primarily teach on ARC's, but are comfortable with teaching on other types of kites, should you prefer so. We know and teach on Foil and Inflatable kites as well. If a student is planning to buy an inflatable, or has already done so, we can teach on your inflatable.

We teach on Peter Lynn's Arc's, as they are the most user friendly kite in our experience. Students will develop a working knowledge of kite surf theory, kite launches and landings, and kite flying skills on trainer and traction kites in their first lesson, all according to conditions and their skills.

Kite surfing is 90 percent kite skills, and these skills must be mastered in the sand in very light wind conditions, with emphasis on safety precautions, prior to entering the water. If a student constantly drops his or her kite in the water, he or she has obviously not mastered the basics on the beach.

High wind beach training with a powerful traction kite is not advised and highly frowned upon. A good instructor not only knows how to pass on his kitesurfing skills and knowledge, but also focuses on the safety of the student, making sure that he or she understands the risks involved.

Our lesson plan is designed for the average student. Our courses can be taught in consecutive days. Time spent by a student with their kite greatly increases skills and reduces the time necessary for an instructor. Practice makes perfect. The hours on the water to be proficient at the sport varies between students and water/ wind conditions. Every step of the learning curve is made to be as fun as possible.

We also arrange private lessons and trip/lesson packages at our secret kiting spots in the desert, along the California coast, Baja, and more. Ask us for details.

Good Winds!

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