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July, 2007
Our Baja, Mexico trips are in full swing!!

Come join us for our next trip to San Quintin over the Labor Day Holiday. We had a great time during our 4th of July and Memorial Day trips, and are itching to get back down there! Whether you're looking to learn to wave-ride, jibe, or just polish up your current kitesurfing skills with pointers while doing 7 mile downwinders, our clinics are the best way to learn and take your skills to the next level. Give us a call to sign up or just learn more about our trips.

Our new shipment of V2's and Scorpions are IN! Upgrade your quiver now!

May, 2006
Caution Answers Review!

We have had time now for ourselves and customers to extensively ride the 12 meter and 16 meter Caution Answers as well as a few days on the 9 meter Answer. Testers in this review are of weights 195 and 160. To read our complete review of the Caution Answer, click here.

Our new shipment of V2's are IN! Upgrade your quiver now!

March, 2006
Peter Lynn Venom IIs and Caution Answers are here!

The new ‘06 Caution Answer is here and it has far more of a C-shape LEI feel that will be an easy transition for standard C-shape kite users. Typical great build quality, great turning, and good grunt through turns.

Since our last shipment Venom 2s came and went faster than we could blink, we are currently taking pre-orders for our next shipment. Order yours now!

To read our preliminary review of the Peter Lynn Venom 2, click here.

February, 2006
Peter Lynn Venom II Update

We are anxiously waiting for our shipment of the Peter Lynn Venom IIs to arrive, and are currently taking pre-orders!

The Venom II is your ticket to the world of extreme freestyle kiteboarding. Building on the success of the Venom, the Venom II is the perfect all-around freestyle kite, giving you the ability to do the tricks you have been dreaming about. The very quick turning speed and great lift allow you to do the craziest kiteloops, handlepasses, and extreme jumps. The Venom II has been pushed to meet the demands of freestyle kiteboarding riders, but has not lost the advantages of special Peter Lynn Twinskin stability and comfortable feel.

Order now to get yours before anyone else!

December, 2005
Product Review: GK Sonic - 11 meter

The Globerider Sonic had received so much prototype response from friends and production kite glorious write ups from all over the globe that I had to get one of the first production ones to test and see if it would be the wave machine to sell to my lei customers.


  • Traig - 195 pounds on an assortment of surf oriented, larger directionals and a strapless fish surfboard
  • Dave P. - 165 pounds on short twin tip boards

We tested the 11 meter in a variety of conditions and here are our thoughts on this kite.

The Sonic comes in a nice bag with the usual knit pullout to cover the kite with inflated struts. Bar is simple and provided with 25 meter lines. Initial visual of kite shows a high... ++ read more

November, 2005

It is an exciting time in kitesurfing. Lots of new designs out there, and we are testing as many as we can.  The new PL vortex looks nice in its role as a Bomba replacement and quick turning kite. They are now in stock. We are continuing to test the new Globerider Sonic supported leading edge kite and are impressed with its range, turning, and simplicity for this type of lei kite. The kiteforum and other groups are saying great things on their tests of this particular kite.   The new ‘06 Cautions are here with improvements in every area. This says a lot as we really liked last years’ versions. Underground has a full line of directional wave boards with stainless inserts and great construction. Stay tuned for the latest reviews and updates on new kite gear to come very soon!


GK Sonic Vortex Monkey Air on UG Board