Team Riders for Monkey Air Kitesurfing<

We are fortunate to have the coolest group of wind and wave wackos on this side of the world . Our gang comes from every walk of life and spans most of the planet. Such a great group of friends and wind rippers make our road and overseas trips an absolute blast. They come from all levels of every sport imaginable and are all dedicated to passing on good vibes, a helping hand and a big smile from that day's epic wave or flat water session. Here are just a few of our buds.


Traig Trumbo: The founder of Monkey Air, he is a lifetime lifeguard and water sports instructor who puts his hours in the clinic as a chiropractor if not attending a few other jobs or getting his daily saltwater fix. The larger the surf with wind and the better the point break, the happier he is. Nothing better than sharing big surf with great wind amongst a close group of friends at a remote break. Traig popularized the Peter Lynn arcs in the USA, and has spent innumerable hours helping people around the world learn and master these kites. Surfboard sized boards with or without straps and a powered kite makes his padded rodeo clown kite pants happy.
Alidad Ghiasi: Lifetime surf rat and now hard core goofy foot wave sailor who charges the surf trips, local wave sessions sporting a sense of humor as tweaked as his aerials despite or in spite of his full time gig running the ortho surgery department for the VA and being a teaching surgeon for UCLA. Ali smacks the lips on his Underground mutant and PL Scorpions.
Anoush Ravanehyla: Another of our surf brothers. Goofy foot wave specialist and another ortho surgeon with a salt water addiction who would rather have wax stains on his scrubs and be farting dust after a 25 knot Baja double overhead wave session than anything else. Priorities are straight in our hood. He rips on his Underground fish and GK Sonic.
Vic Enright: Monkey Air kite instructor/boat driver for our boat lessons. Vic is a life time surf waterman and a paraglider pilot who absolutely loves teaching people who are committed to learning and have that spark in their eyes. When Vic isn't busy running his roofing business (check out, you'll find him ripping up the waves on his PL Scorpion and a 5'8" Underground Directional.
Tom McGill: Long time Monkey Air kite instructor, surfer, waterman who loves to teach on the user-friendly Peter Lynn kites and takes the time to do it safely and in a method tailored to that specific student. Tom rips on arcs as well as LEIs and realizes that it all works. The only question is application. A twin tip guy who has found that the directional is an answer to the surfing soul in many of us.
Chris Hyde: A crazy Brit with a history of competitive pole vaulting, fence hopping and paragliding who just does not know when to put up a smaller kite. He has a big Hollywood studio with a back room filled with kite gear that his wife is not aware of... Those Brits are smooooooth... He rips on his Scorpion!
Morgan Runyan: Lifelong Malibu wave shredder, Mo is the producer of the cult classic Runman Surf movies and classic new kitesurf films. Mo has been a bud and with us from the start and we are proud to have him ripping the crud out of waves all over the globe on GK Trix.
John Bayless: Ivy League PhD physicist and owner of hugely successful research company who is more than a few marbles short in the goof off department. A fanatical, joyous laugh of the clinically insane or the chronically happy. Sixty something going on eighteen and on every trip, anywhere, anytime. He is responsible for getting his sons hooked and ripping the waves with wind.
Klaus Obermeyer : Famous Hollywood extreme sports commercial director, good friend, and kite surf addict. Oddly, his private jet contains more sports equipment than work equipment.
Babak Larian : Our ear, nose, and throat specialist who spends a lot of time with us gargling saltwater under a kite around the globe.
Gideon Low: Our team rider from NorCal who's figured out how to have his cake and eat it to. Gideon is a cutting-edge Wall Street technology guru who's somehow managed to live in Santa Cruz and kite 5 days a week at Waddell Creek. As the only Peter Lynn rider in Santa Cruz, his only regret is that the Monkey Air crew can't come up and join him to live in one of the world's best kitesurfing spots. After getting a whole lot of weird looks from the locals for flying an "inflatable mattress", nobody in Santa Cruz doubts the prowess of ARC kites in big surf anymore! Look him up any time you're heading up to the Bay Area (or Lake Tahoe in the winter) for a kiting trip.
Dave Ogle : An extreme sports and documentary film-maker/photographer. Dave is always one of the first in the water with a big grin. Thats what happy in surf is all about.
Loren Jackson: Navy Seal operator and instructor. Great Mex kite wave sail bud. When not traveling for work around the globe, with a few Venom kites in his personal gear, he's a local San Diego ripper.
Alex Kaminskas: Growing up between Palos Verdes and Santa Barbaras Hollister Ranch, Alex has had a life overflowing with waves and wind. One of the nicest people you will ever meet, and always a standout shreder, Alex was one of the original California kitesurfers and rips dream point breaks on his Scorpion and surf directional boards.