Wind and Weather

Welcome to the weather page. Surfing, windsurfing, and especially kitesurfing, turns us all into junior meteorologists. Have fun chasing down your next session with the help of the super fast computers of both hemispheres. Now you know what we go through in sweating out each teaching trip for you guys. Just remember that regardless of what the forecast says, the weather can do the opposite. It is "Mother" Nature after all. Father Nature is in the Caribbean sipping a Red Stripe and laughing his butt off. The virtual buoys are fantastic for determining upcoming wind and surf events. Some areas need modifications of wind speed forecast numbers due to local microclimates ( i.e. thermals, etc ) . Meteorological forecast discussion for a great overview of area conditions. Look for your local area in the header. Excellent source while traveling and looking for wind outside of the USA . Kite beaches does just what is says. Pick a country and see what is has to offer for kitesurf possibilities. is full of opinionated kiters, but it also has some very good constructive kite information if you can scan though the B.S.

http:// Join arcusers and get heaps of great info from guys with open minds who actually fly all sorts of kites, talk about kite mods, and tend to use five letter words like "STOKE". Good old NOA. Satellite shots to show cloud cover etc. Ikitesurf is something any USA kitesurfer should not be without. The current wind observation map and VX flow charts are fantastic resources. If you do subscribe, be sure to tell them the Monkeys over at Monkey Air sent ya. Jim started this eons ago with an anemometer on top of our old lifeguard tower in Malibu and sported a few of us wind crazed guards a pager back in the day. Wetsands is a good old standby for chasing surf for kite or paddle use. Their wind forecasts are often on track as well. Any group that supports the Surfrider foundation should get kudos for that as well.

Now tell me where it's going to blow tomorrow!!!